Corey Feldman Technology Analogy Interview

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The Truth Movement

The Truth Movement has released their 2nd studio album as of 11/25/08. Fronted by singer /songwriter Corey Feldman, the band is a Pink Floyd inspired homage to classic rock and is made up of a group of young and very talented Los Angeles musicians who have been playing together for several years. Their namesake is a tribute to Corey's desire to write and perform with honesty and a goal to advocate the truth.

Titled "Technology Analogy", the album reflects on the pros and cons of computer technology and how it is integrated into today's society. How did it begin? Where did science derive from? And will communication and social interaction inevitably suffer from its evolution. These are the themes "Technology Analogy" seeks to explore. The album features contributions by Pink Floyds John Carin and other Floyd related musicians including Scotty Page (saxophonist from 86-89) and Lili Hayden who recently performed with Roger Waters at the famed Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Other talented musicians include Mark Karan of the Grateful Dead sub band Rat Dog where he performs the late Jerry Garcia's vocal and guitar work.

The album cover is also homage to their idols, designed by the legendary Storm Thorgerson, who has designed numerous album covers including the infamous "Dark Side Of The Moon" cover with its iconic refracting prism.

The band has two North American tours under their belt and is anxious to get back on stage in front of an audience: "This is going to be an exceptional album", states Corey, a long time Pink Floyd fan"I feel very fortunate that musicians of this caliber have all agreed to participate on this project, it's very humbling" Corey adds.

Technology Analogy was produced by Feldman and Executive Produced by the Wizardz of Oz, and LA based Australian production team comprised of Andrew Bojanic and Liz Hooper whose hit making history includes working with artists such as Avril Lavigne, Liz Phair and Hawk Nelson.

Outside The Wall Interview with Corey Feldman

First off Corey thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to Outside The Wall today.

Thank you very much for the support. It has truly been overwhelming to see the amount of support from the PF fan world. One of our biggest concerns was will they get it or will they hate us? I know personally speaking, as a hardcore Floyd fan myself, I have heard lots of crappy imitations or people who propose themselves as a similar sound, and I always think that isn't even in the ballpark. There is a brilliant and unique tonal frequency that creates a particular drone effect in everything PF does which immediately and subconsciously locks you in the zone as a listener, I have never heard any one achieve that.

We understand your band the Truth Movement has a new album called Technology Analogy . What can you tell us about it?

Well first off I can say it's a little odd. I mean in contrast to what industry standards might consider a pop album these days it's quite a stretch. That's why I like it so much. You won't find anything else quite like it around. It really mixes two generations of sounds. In the beginning it sounds very Half way through the story the mood and sound changes. It becomes overpowered by the digital age.

Is it a concept album?

Yes, very much so. I wanted to explore technology from every aspect and in doing so found myself being pummeled with information from endless sources about the derivative forms of technology and theories tracing back to the bible. So I chose to tell the story from the beginning and we follow its progress to the modern day and finally take a step back to ask is this a good thing? Are we utilising the technology we have for the right reasons? Is it bringing us closer together as a race, or is it in fact tearing us apart, and ultimately will it lead to our demise? These are the questions the album tries to invoke.

How did you come about the name for the band and the new album?

Well the band name was created years 1992 I started working on a handful of songs for the solo record I was doing at the time and noticed myself drifting away from the commercialised dance crap I had been so keen on till that point. The songs had a very distinct classic rock feel to them much more organic than the stuff I had been doing. So the guys I was playing with at the time and I decided to create a band out of it and take it away from the solo Stuff that band went through many personnel changes. In sitting and thinking of band names I thought about what I intended to write about with this band, and I decided I wanted to write about real issues. No love songs....just honest, truthful, important, issue related material. I also thought that I really didn't want this band to be about me. I wanted it to be a true collaborative effort both creatively and from the audiences viewpoint. I wanted it to be more than just music I wanted to help create a movement for truth....henceforth Truth Movement. Our first album took four years to write record and release, and came out in 1998. As far as the album title for the new record,well I believe that was covered in the last answer.

Have you always been a big Pink Floyd fan?

Not always.As a kid I had no clue who they were.I mean I heard them on the radio, and even got into another brick in the wall pt.2 when it became popular with the tweens in the early 80's.I never thought of them as something to listen to. It wasn't till I turned 16 that an acquaintance at the time made me listen to them when I was high on acid. My mind was opened to a different understanding of music...well a great many things...but especially music. From that point my education began, and I bought every Floyd album ever recorded one at a time, taking the proper time to digest each one before moving on to the rest.I went from Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper to Floyd and The Beatles.

How much of a influence have they been on you?

Tremendous. Specifically with this style of music. To me they are individually and collectively the most generous group of musicians ever gathered together. Granted The Beatles are still the greatest rock band of all time, but for different reasons. Floyd explored regions of the mind and soul the Beatles wouldn't dare consider.I know people who are afraid to listen to Pink Floyd. It strikes a nerve like a raw emotion that you don't expect.

What is your favorite Pink Floyd album and why?

Animals don't know really....maybe Davids insane guitar work on Dogs and Pigs.....or the haunting lyrics throughout. But I love echoes a lot. I love Dark Side, The Wall, Wish you were here,.....pretty much all of it.

We understand that Storm Thorgerson did the artwork for the album. What was it like working with him?

Storm is a gentleman and a scholar. Working with him was a complete honor. Beyond that I would go as far as calling him a friend. We met quite coincidentally and I was blown away when he told me he would do the art for our next album. I believe his imagery and design was a huge part in making Floyd the artists they became. His work is hypnotic. When I sent him the roughs of the music he sent me back eleven sketches and told me to pick one for the cover. Each one of them was genius, so I told him I couldn't pick just one, which is how we ended up with so much of his work in the sleeve.

The cover looks amazing by the way. We heard you have met some members of Pink Floyd. Can you describe any of these meetings to us and how they came about?

Well I have had the pleasure of meeting Roger and David on several occasions and I met Richard and Nick only once. To describe each meeting would take far too much space. I will summarise by saying they are all fine gentlemen and I was fortunate enough to learn a little something from each of them with each meeting.

With the recent death of Rick Wright many Pink Floyd fans across the world were impacted in different ways. I know I was depressed for a solid weak after the loss. How did it impact you and how did you hear about it?

Well I think I heard about it the same as everyone else, on the news. I of course called the people I knew that were close to him,and wished my condolences. As far as the impact I was conflicted with true grief for the loss of a man and the effect it had on the people around him, and the selfish sorrow of facing the realisation that there would truly never be a final Pink Floyd reunion. I then decided to tribute the new album to him, and added a dedication a day before final press.

Roger Waters plans on bringing the Wall to Broadway at some point. Have you ever thought about possible playing a role in it?

I would kill to play Pink. This is something I have dreamt of since the idea was first announced. The first conversation I had with Mr. Waters, was when I went to the premier listening event for Cia Ira in New York. I went there to hand him a package of reviews for a show I had running in the East village at the time.I let him know that I was doing theater to prove that I could play Pink in the role. I told him I believed I was meant to play it. He told me believing is the most powerful thing we have. So I left him with some reviews and a copy of our first album....we shall see.

The new album is a collaboration with Jon Carin. How did you approach Jon to work with you and what was it like?

In a word...amazing. I had known Jon through the years. We met several times backstage at various Floyd and non Floyd events. He was always so nice and easy to talk to. So by the time I asked him to be a part of this it felt quite natural. I gained a tremendous amount of respect for Jon by watching his evolution with the band. Ultimately realising his vitality to all parts of the Floyd empire. While writing this album I thought to make this sound right I need Jon Carin. I felt it was a bit of a pipe dream, but to my surprise he made himself available, and delivered in spades. He jumped in with both feet and even took the controls. I feel truly honored to have had the opportunity and hope that we can do more together in the future.

Is it true the new album is made out of 100% biodegradable materials?

Well the packaging is anyway.... I don't think they've quite figured out how to make recyclable discs yet.

I know David Gilmour's last album was Carbon Neutral, what exactly does that mean and how far beyond that is Technology Analogy?

I'm not exactly sure what carbon neutral is that differs from what we've done. I can tell you that our packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and is printed with soy ink. We also use corn plastic for the disc tray.

Is Scott Page on the new album as well? He is a great Saxophonist, what is he like to work with and how de he get involved? We just have to ask, does he still sport the mullet?

Scotty does a terrific job on the album as well. His solos have all the muster of the work he did on momentary lapse. He has not lost a thing. Again I am honored to have him as a part of this project.....and yes the mullet is alive and well. It was great seeing him and Jon catch up on old tour stories in the studio.

We heard rumours that the album was mastered on the same board as DSOTM. Is this true and what kind of significance does that mean to you?

It was indeed. However strictly coincidence. We were planning the mastering sessions and literally pulled a studio name out of the phone book. I was told the rates and availability for a place called Capitol mastering, it sounded like it would work and in we went. Once I pulled up I realised it was actually in the old Capitol Records building. It wasn't until halfway through the first session when the engineer said to me you know this sounds a bit like Floyd. I said thank you, and he responded with, well thats ironic since this happens to be the same exact room and board that Dark Side was mastered in.

Do you plan to take Technology Analogy on the road? Do you plan on having a visual experience keeping with the Pink Floyd theme of the album?

Well of course, I have always been one for great theatrics, I want to create an audio visual experience for the Audience will do our best to come up with some fun goodies.

Have you thought about approaching Marc Bricman about working with your tour? He is a amazing visual designer. Did you catch any of Rogers and Davids last tours?

I have already spoken to Marc...another genius. I do hope he will be available once we are ready to tour the album. But I make no promises. I will do my absolute best to deliver an exciting show. As far as their tours....I have seen every tour each has done since 1989. I am blown away on every occasion.

I myself seen a few of Rogers and saw Davids in NYC. Both were amazing. What do you think of the newer releases by David?

I absolutely love On an Island.In my estimation it in some ways seems more like a real Floyd record than the last two. Certainly a far cry better than his first two "solo" albums. I can't wait to hear what hes got in store for us next. I saw the tour 4 times I even flew my family to Gdansk Poland to see the final performance. I am however saddened by the knowledge that Rick will be forever missing from the sound.

Will either Jon or Scott join you at all on tour?

One can only hope. I'm sure it depends on how things schedule out. They are both very busy men, with lives. But if it's meant to be it will.

We know your are very involved with Peta, do you do any work with EIA as well?

I am involved with several non profit groups ranging from environmental causes to animal rights to children's disease, homelessness, and even breast cancer. I was on the board for the Aimee Karen foundation for ill children with terminal disease for several years. I also received an award last year from the wildlife waystation, and am currently part of the honorary committee for the Humane Societys humanitarian awards. I also work with PETA, farm Sanctuary, global green, greenpeace, last chance for animals, and the hollywood note foundation where we are starting an on line auction site where we can raise and donate finance to some of these causes.

I listened to "Green is the Colour" on and must say I enjoyed it very much. Not only did I like the song, but you got me thinking about my own recycling habits. The song title is clearly taken from Pink Floyds version did you need any special Permian to use it?

God I hope not.....Any similarity in the title was strictly again coincidental. I had never heard their song when I wrote it. It was one of their more obscure b sides from a film soundtrack that I'd never heard. I wrote the song quite organically while working in Berlin and looked up and noticed all the lush greenery surrounding the streets. This inspired me to motivate people through song kind of like....if Germany can think about improving the quality of life for themselves than why shouldn't the rest of us. It wasn't until much later that someone had sent in a blog at my website mentioning their song of the same title had existed. I was a bit worried until I finally had a listen to theirs and felt quite at ease by the fact that they were vastly different from one another.

What other projects do you have going on in the near future?

Planning the tour, getting ready for the first LA show at the end of Feb. To see our tour dates please goto You can also hear and see loads of stuff for free.

Well thank you for talking to us Corey. We wish you much success with the album and your career. We look forward to picking up our copy!

Thank you so much for all of your passion in music and your interest, and for believing in a little grass roots project like ours. Please do pick up a a matter of fact pick up 5 copies....hand em out to 5 of their friends and so on and so on. That is how the movement works. We must work together to spread the Truth. god bless C U soon

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